Nancy Castro

Owner & Zumba®  ZIN™ Licensed Instructor

Herbalife is about sharing and changing lives. My life has changed for the better in so many ways. I was working a dead end job. Dropped out of college because the job wasn't enough to provide for myself and pay for my studies. I was sick and tired of being unfulfilled and had nothing motivating me to better myself in any kind of way. There had to be something more than an average life style for me.


I was introduced to herbalife by a very close friend of mine. I was having digestive issues and anxiety at the time. I started on the ultimate program and lost 39 pounds went from a size 11 to a size 5 without working out. In 3 months  My anxiety went away and I felt amazing like I was revived. This experience opened my eyes and gave  me the courage to follow my passion,walk out of my job and live my life to the fullest. But i asked myself: how do I do it.? Where do I start.? I knew I would have to continue  my healthy active lifestyle and decided that the foundation of it would come frommy passion to dance and my life changing experience with herbalife. one year later I find myself making a respectable income in active world team level with herbalife and a co owner of fitfuzion fit club working with my bestest friends and being a Zumba instructor.


The lifestyle and the recognition that you gain in herbalife is about so much more than just the money. The fulfilment that you feel as a person as a human being caring, helping and sharing with other people is Amazing.


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